Lost My Confidence

recently I have been having a major "who am i" crisis!!a friend jokingly commented on the fact that i dont really have a proper stand out talent or passion!It really hit me hard I think im a good person and im a good friend but theres nothing exciting about me unlike all my friends.All guys seem to prefer my more interesting friends and i feel as if i will be single for ever more.ever since i started questioning this i have lost a ton of confidence in myself.i used to be passionate and have ambition but it went and i didnt realise i want to be exciting talentetd confident but i dont know where to start!!!please help i feel as if im drowning in this constant negativity in my head!!!!!!

ainzxx ainzxx
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Your friend made a lame joke, which you've taken too seriously. Of course you have passions and talents! Of course you have things you're interested in and enjoy! Evidently you're just not a person who keeps drawing attention to what you like and the causes/people/things you're turned on to.<br />
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As an experiment, pick something you already like anyway: a movie, a rock band, a Starbucks drink, a sports team, an outdoor hobby, an ethnic cuisine--literally anything! Then spend two weeks practicing being vocally enthusiastic about it, with the goal of getting someone else to try it so they can see for themselves how good/worthy/enjoyable it is. Be uncharacteristically effusive about it. The experiment will feel weird to you because I'll bet you don't usually try to draw a lot of attention to yourself or the things you like.<br />
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I'm betting you're interesting enough the way you are, just a little too reserved. If you take the challenge for real, likely in two weeks you make at least three new friends who have your same interest.

Don't lose hope.. Everybody has their own talents.. I know that being single is lonely. I've been there.. Don't worry there would be guys falling for you in the near future. You just have to believe in yourself until you found your perfect love..