More Like Aaargh Day.

I'm pissed.

And I came on here specifically to vent and hopefully get it all out, and move on.

A grand number of things are on my mind, ******* me off, and they range from elements that I have no control over, to things that I can- but don't- control.

To be really general about it, I'm pissed at the state of the world in which we live in. I mean, a LOT of people are, and while we all can actually see the forest for the trees, all we seem to be able to do is WATCH THE FOREST GET DECIMATED.

ALL I EVER HEAR ON THE NEWS OR READ ABOUT IN THE PAPER IS BAD NEWS. And it's not like I go looking for it... it's just there. There are always a few nice stories, ones that get about a half-inch's worth of space on an entire 14 inch page- but they ARE there...

I swear to God, for all our technological advancements, we as people are getting more insulated and introverted as time goes on... because the violence in the world, in every single country, is scaring the SHYT out of regular people... and at least in this country, the violent people seem to be more protected than the NON violent ones! CRIMINALS SEEM TO HAVE A DIFFERENT, MORE INTENSIVE BILL OF RIGHTS THAN NORMAL, NON-CRIMINAL FOLKS DO!!!! WTF???????????? WHY THE EFF DON'T THESE PEOPLE GET THEIR OBVIOUS JUST DESSERTS?????

It's all in the documentation; I strongly believe that the whole business of Law was instituted by the devil himself. God dammit, man, some of the worst people in the world go free because of legalese and wrangling and distorting words, truth; it just makes me sick.

There's that, and I'm fat. Again. I spent 3 months losing 20 pounds, and they've all found their way back home- and that shyt ****** me off. Now I have to switch up my lifestyle AGAIN and try to shed the pounds.

And I have to quit smoking.

And drinking.

And weed.

And sleeping in on the weekends [read: until 8a.m.].


I'm going to punch the heavybag for a while. Peace.

xenmuse xenmuse
31-35, M
Aug 17, 2009