My Boyfriend Hates That I Smoke Weed

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 4 years. We have a great relationship for the most part.  However, I do not enjoy drinking alcohol because it makes me sick so i use marijuana to unwind.  He on the other hand likes drinking.  I thoroughly enjoy smoking weed on a daily basis, but it does not make me lazy.  I have a college degree, I'm going for my doctorate, basically I am a together person and there is no reason why he should care that I like to toke.  He constantly demonizes me for smoking and makes fun of me.  He just doesn't get it. He does things that bother me, but he just expects me to get over it so I expect him to get over this.  I am young with no responsibilities but taking care of myself and this is my time to enjoy smoking.  He seems so controlling with this issue and it drives me insane.  It might sound shallow, but I am considering breaking up with him because he refuses to accept me or my habit.  He never wants me to have fun and gets mad when I go smoke with other friends- which I have to do because he refuses to smoke.  I am so annoyed with him and I wish he could just accept me for how I am and what I like to do.  There are much worse things I could be into.  What should I do? I am sick of him being so controlling over my smoking and making me out to seem like a bad person just because I like to smoke.  
kathywithak kathywithak
May 6, 2012