Boyfriend Probs

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 2 years now. At the very first beginning we were okay, happy and loved each other madly, deeply. We have a child now who is 6months old. Recently we've been arguing a lot about our pasts and some other stuff. I'm the one being like this. I get jealous easily and don't trust him at all. He's a good guy and boyfriend but I just don't trust him. When our baby was a month old, I saw his messages on his email flirting with a girl he had met before telling her for them to meet. I asked him how can he do that to us. He said it was only a joke (flirty kinda). I don't really get it. I asked him 'Joke?' you flirting with her n u call that a joke? He was like yes it was a joke and don't take it seriously. He deleted that girl and showed me that he wrote to her apologizing that it wasn't good what he did. Now everything he says, I almost don't believe all of them. He was a playboy, and had 3 kids previously. He's still in touch with them. I mean I don't mind the kids, but just my thoughts of the mothers of these kids. And I am so ready to be committed to this relationship but he's not saying anything. I feel fading away from this relationship. But I love him and just can't imagine life without him. Should I talk? or just be patient and wait for him to say something about this relationship? I don't wana be the one doing everything and talking about everything regarding this relationship. Oh and I'm 22 years old, he's 32!! I haven't met his family. He met my mum. We're far away from home. We met overseas studying, and haven't been home since we were together. I wouldn't know how it would be like when we're back home. Help me. It's messed up. Totally confused. Sometimes I feel like separating but sometimes i feel so happy with him. :( Baby is back home now with my family. I can't wait to go and visit him.
Lewa1 Lewa1
22-25, F
May 7, 2012