So Confused

My boyfriend and I have been together for a yr and a couple the beginning he had cheated on me and I still took him back bc it was just "something" about him. Now as the yr has progressed I believe he is still being sort of unfaithful to me. I have not once ever cheated on my lover. But when I confront him he tells me he loves me and only me. But throughout our relationship I have found messages from women and to women. Some was very inappropriate and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. How I came about this is I began to snoop (only a couple times) bc I had this gut feeling that he was lying to me about the situations. After I seen this I would confront him and tell him I was leaving. Then the "half-truth" would come out. Am I in the wrong to feel neglected? Or have doubts in my mind about if he really loves me? At times we would get in heated arguments bc I would ask questions like "u really love me"? Or "are u happy with me"? He says I ask too much but why not? I always have a feeling he is hiding something from me but he always assures to me that He Loves Me. Things now are a little bit better but there is sometimes that pull or tug at my heart that things are still hidden and are surely to come to the light. I'm so confused :/ this is really my first relationship since my bad break-up when I was do I come to trust anything in a relationship if I have this feeling sometimes? My intellect is very good when it comes to mind games...but it's been a lot more complicated bc I do know he loves me...just sometimes I feel he doesn't enough.
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Ok you need to wake up and smell the coffee, sorry to be harsh but this guy will never stop because you let him get away with it. If he does love you he wouldnt do what he is doing...Im a guy I know.....Ask yourself this , do you want to spend the future with that feeling in your stomach wondering where he is and with who, do you want to wait everyday for him to return when he is bored of the other women...I hope you dont cos thats a tough life to live....You will find someone to love and the trust will follow I promise....Just not with this guy.....