Don't Know What To Do Anymore

my boyfriend and i have been together for over a year now, and for the most part, things are ok. he genuinely is a good guy, his downfall is that he is really clueless when it comes to relationships. we're usually pretty good at being able to tell eachother if something bothers us, but lately, i don't feel like he puts in any effort. for example, early in the relationship i told him that i was bothered by hearing about stories of his past girlfriends/hookups, etc. and he did stop....but i told him that it bothers me when he disappears all day and doesn't tell me where he is, and that i get annoyed when i tell him something about what's going on with me and he barely responds. i feel like he just cares about himself and needs someone to pay attention to him all day, but what about me? he knows that this stuff bothers me, but still does it. on top of all that, we live about an hour away from eachother, so we make an effort to see eachother once a week- things are great when we see eachother and spend time together, but as soon we have to be at our own homes and rely on texting, skyping etc. he just does his own thing and i feel alone. even though we are in a relationship i feel completely ignored and alone. how am i supposed to make him realize that what he's doing is unfair? anyone have advice???
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1 Response May 10, 2012

i was in a relationship like that for sixteen months and i loved him i really did but like you said, all the effort was on my part and i felt like i was getting nothing back ever and it made me develop alot of self confidence issues, so with help from my friends, i talked to him about it and it lead to us making a mutual decision to break up. Now, nearly a year later, ive met someone new and i may be young but i feel like we are going to be together for a long long time and it shows me how much better i am now and how much better he is for me :-) i suggest you do the same, if you dont get much responce from him, when you next see him talk to him about it; be completely honest and hopefully you guys will work it out :-) if it does end in a break up, (which is wont do if your meant to be togther) then dont worry, things always work out i promise. Good luck and i hope it all gets better for you! :-) xxx