Should I Wait For Him Or Move On?

Okay so I'm really close friends with is guy. I mean we're like best friends. I started developing feelings for him and would drop hints that I like him. I 'guess' that maybe he picked up on them but just didn't feel the same way about me. Others would tell me that he likes me because he always pays for me when we go out to eat, link arms, and do other things people believe that  makes us a couple. So I finally asked him if he likes me, and he 'pretended' to not know what I was talking. So I told him I like him and he didn't say anything. So I asked him again do you like me and he said no. Yeah my heart broke when he said that and I felt like crying but I'd held it in but during the end of the day I was pissed off because I had told a friend the day before that I was going to confess to him. And I told her what he told me and promised not to talk to him about, she talked to him anyway but he told her that he DO really like me it's just that since we are close friends he feels although that if we do go out and somehow I'll our relationship falls apart we won't be friends anymore so he would just rather be close friends. I mean I can understand that, that's not what pissed me off it's the fact that he told me he didn't like me after I confessed to him, instead of telling me the truth he made me feel like **** all day. But anyway he still links arms with me and that other stuff but now he holds my  waist, and one time on the bus he was talking to his friends that were behind us and he called me his 'girl'. He has called me his about three times now. When I'm over his house he's always sing love songs (He's a great singer by the way). I just don't understand him, I know he had this really bad break up before coming to US but he still talks to her sometimes but he said she's annoying. My heart is breaking because he's doing all these things but I'm nothing more then 'just a friend'. I just don't know if I should wait for him to confess that he likes me or just move on.    
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1 Response May 23, 2012

sweetheart the whole "best friend" thing seems like a fairytale doesn't it? But you are precious and your heart does not deserve to be played with like that instead preserved and treated like royalty. Find a man who truly treats you like a lady