Help! I'm On The Verge! I Don't Know What To Do?!!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year, and it has been a real solid serious relationship.We both have got a long well for the most part,though are differnt personalities would conflict.I am an aquarius the fun outgoing party animal, while he is a cancer chill and laid back.Though when we would argue are attitudes would get the best us.However, most of problems derive from the fact he doesnt. let out his emotions or says how he feel unlike me that I speak out my mind.It wasn't until recently that he started changing toward me and giving me attitude and just going off.That type of behavior was very odd for him to be,but now its gotten out of control.I feel as though he doesnt care anymore.Inclusive he stopped texting or calling me and even visting me at my house. When I confronted him about everything he told me has a lot of things on his plate. & Has a lot to worry about with school,work. and other problems he got into with the law.He has told me that he needs to be alone and figure it all out.I tried to talk to him and help him but he wouldnt take it.& I am getting very worried! I can't sleep or eat just thinking about.him and he said he wanted me t leave him alone.I don't. see how I can leave him alone if he needs me.Someone help me please! What do Should I just walk of Should I continue. and try to help him eventhough he doesnt want it? He didnt. directly. say that. "It's. over" He just said he needs to be alone to figure things. out.And I am lost! I don't what to do?!! I love him!! & I know he loves me too! Someone help me please !!!!
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

it doesn't sound like he doesnt love you,, it just sounds like he's independant. the best thing to do for him is to stay by him and let him know that, even if he says he wants to be alone. If you say you'll be there anyway, then he'll feel like he can fall-back onto someone if things go really bad and he becomes over whelmed

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