I Feel Too Attached

Ive only been dating my boyfriend for 3 months now but i feel too attached to him. We barely get to see each other anymore and he barely talks to me. I know he loves me and cares about me because he has shown me. I just feel like I love him more than he loves me sometimes. I always want to talk to him and i always want to hang out with him. He doesnt like texting or talking on the phone. I will admit that he has been trying to talk to me more. Maybe it's just because im not used to it. In my other relationships or close friendships, Im used to the guy constantly texting me and wanting to hang out with me where as I didnt particularly care that much. With my bf I get mad at how busy he is now and how much he doesnt talk to me. When we finally get to hang out I never want to leave him. I can never stop thinking about him either. I feel like im so clingy, I hate it. I dont want to feel this attached to someone especially when they dont seem that attached to me. 

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4 Responses Jun 4, 2012

I am in the exactly same position and I don't know what to do!:(

I know the cure to this! Add me on skype: Hi.Im.Bil

I've been dating my bf for 11 months now, and I still feel obssessed with him.. I feel a little bit to clingy aswell but I've learnt that if you give your man that little bit of space that he needs he'll be happy to be in a relationship with you, if not then it's his loss

yea true. Ive noticed that if i stop talking to him for a while its almost as if the roles reverse and he becomes clingy lol

I'm exacaly like this with my boyfriend aswell, we have been together for a little over 4 months, you do need to be carefull tho hunnie. A man needs his own space and his own time. He may not want to be with you all day everyday because eventually it will ruin the relationship. trust me. I've done this myself, and since me and my boyfriend have learnt that we do need personal time, things between us have got a lot better. You need to be careful that all the clinginess doesn't push him away?,

oh yea i know. I definitely give him his space. I feel clingy on the inside but i dont actually let it show. I just dont think its normal if a bf barely talks to you. Once my friends actually have time to hang out with me again i wont be this way i dont think. Thank you