He Says He Misses Me When He Broke Up With Me

Well there is this guy and we have be dating for 3 months.. I guess you can say that is a very short time but .. My mom said I get very close to people to quickly and easy and that's how I get hurt.. But any everything was going good and fine, we did a lot together hung out I saw him everyday I could, but he had this ex that wouldn't stop talking to him the whole time. And I got jealous which I didn't like that ever much. I never told him that, but I should have, see I meet him in April, everything was going good we dating in April and went till June 1 that was 3 months.. And he went to my house and we hung out and the whole day do when his parents took him home because he had to live he text me right after that and was like well ****. And ask him what he said I want to be honest I said oh **** he said I just don't think this is going to work out I want to be friends. I got really hurt and said okay let's be friends. I went on a couple days crying said I wouldn't like anybody else but him, my mama tried to help but she just made it worst, she told me to just don't text him at all. Just ignore that he was ever apart of you and show him your doing fine without him. So I did and it went on for like 2 days. Un till he went to his friends house .. Which he never saw me all day.. And he text me June 4 and he said hey and I kinda was being and ***** and was like ok or yeah or uh and just let him stop talking to him, so I text him and was like I hate this he said hate what.

I said
I talked to you everyday and know I'm lucky to even get a text once a week and no longer mean **** to you when we were each others world before. That's what I hate.
He told me no I do still care about you I just didn't want to use you. I was like hun your not using me but it's whatever you think and he said yeah and we stop talking. And then like around 4 Alcock he said I miss you. It took me like 5 mins to reply and before I did. He said maybe I shouldn't have sent that. And I sent I miss you too. The only reason I did that is because I miss him more than anything, and people might tell me that I shouldn't have said that and that he just wants to see you want him back it killed me
But at least I told the truth, ? Do you think I should have or maybe I get to close to people. And I don't know I just really like the kid and I will for a long time. Feelings scan just go a way, and when I said that he said I wanted you to be my first and I was like what do you mean? He said to have sex with you and I just said nope he said is that werid I told him no because it isn't really but do you think he just wants one thing or does he really like me because I know he really likes me because he showes it to me a lot and .. I honestly dont know
Anymore I want him back I just don't wanna get
Hurt, cause it
Sucks, alot. I can't
Really talk to any ody else cause everybody else is just like he isn't a good person and he sucks and he isn't the right person... :( help me
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1 Response Jun 5, 2012

I sorta went thru the same problem! Both of yall cant let other people influence how you feel about eachother.. you just got to put everyone elses opinion about your relationship away and figure out whats right for you. I dont know you but it seems to me that both of yall really care about eachother. so if i were you i would give him a second chance to let him prove to you how much he cares.. and if it seems like he isnt putting up much effort to win your heart back you should move on, because life is too short to waste on someone who doesnt put up the effort because it take two people to make a great relationship. i hope this helped, GOODLUCK. (and dont make it too easy for him to get you back, if he really wants you he will put his whole heart out there)