How would you respond when the one you've been dating for at least two years told you that they are no longer into the relationship?

How would you respond if the other person stopped trying?

How would you repond if you look at the direction that he's looking at and it happens to be a females with barely any clothes?

How would you respond to the one you love and tried your best to satisfy him, but he broke up with you after promising he wouldn't?

How would you respond to the moment that you look into his eyes and you know that there's nothing there anymore?

How can I hold on?

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2 Responses Jun 4, 2008

Well, granted, if a woman walks by almost naked everyone cant help but stare but...

It does hurt. It sounds like (for other reasons) it may not be worth the pain any longer... The question is: do you think someone is out there you'll be happier with? or are you too afraid to let go and be alone? It sounds as if the spark is gone and the hope is fading - maybe comfort and familiarity are keeping you together (holding on?) If there is nothing in his eyes you're better off alone...

Would you rather be in a bad relationship that constantly makes you feel bad or be alone and a little lonely? The unknown is scary but it might be better for you as a person in the long run (plus the chance of a GOOD relationship might be out there down the line!).
Do what is RIGHT for yourself :)

Oh, I am so sorry. So sorry. I know how much it hurts. And it does hurt. I got chocolates, lots of goodies, wine, bubble bath, good paperback, lots of Kleenex, hugged a good girlfriend and cried and blubbered on her shoulder. Surprisingly I did not feel any better. I felt drained and like a void in the center of me for a long time. Nothing fills it either. It gradually heals up all on its own after involved with people, things, events, work... Takes time. Give yourself the gift of time.<br />
When a partner decides to play around let him go. You are worth loyalty and fidelity in a relationship. There are still good men out here desparately looking for a decent sweet nice girl who values them.