Boyfriend Problem

I really love my current boyfriend (bf), however, it seems the more I know him the less I can tolerate him. It is his actions; it just does not correlate to his words. He gets extremely jealous of me, accusing me of flirting with his friends, yet he flirts with random girls as well. I feel he is extemely insecure and inconsiderate. His actions are always excusable ( in his eys, anyways). For example: he goes out and dances with other girls that he considers as "friends" yet he is unable to name them. However when we go out, my guy friends request for a dance and he will go head over heels upset at me. Idk if I should consider trying to make us work.
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thanks all for your really broaden my perspective. I find it so odd that I am a therapist, I help others with their problems, yet when it comes to my own, I am lost. Please do not judge all therapists based on what I just wrote, as I am a newbie at my profession and still have room to grow. It would be easy if my heart can listen to my head, but sometimes the heart is selfish and wants instant gratification even if it is not good for it lol if that makes any sense at all??? Well thanks for the responses to this post. I am happy to report that this is no longer an issue for me.

leave him - you deserve better than that

Dump him. You can do so much better.

he doesn't trust you, any guy who get jealous has major trust issues, if yall have had sex thats why he is the way he is. i would tell him to trust you unless you have given him a reason no to if he cant fix his personal problems there not any reason in trying to make it work. because he isn't going to change.