He Threw A Tantrum

My boyfriend and I got into another fight over something stupid. We had a nice family outing with my family, and when we got home I suggested we watch batman. He was all for it until he demanded he bring his bong into my room. I quit smoking 2 years ago, doesn't mean I want to constantly inhale the stuff and have the smell on my curtains and clothes even after I've given up. I told him no, just pause the movie and have a smoke in the spare bedroom like he's been doing for 2 years- I didn't know why it was now suddenly an issue. He got angry with me which made me angry. How much did he plan on smoking that he couldn't walk a few metres to have one?!

He then cracked it, told me he didn't want to watch it anymore and sat in the spare room to smoke. I was sick of his childish behaviour when he is 25 this month! That's what he was doing, he was throwing a tantrum when he didn't get his own way and I wasn't going to tolerate it- I work with children, I don't let them get their own way when they throw a tantrum and I sure as hell won't let a 25 year old. I followed him into the spare room, told him, why does he have to ruin a perfectly nice day because of his weed, and he can sleep in there tonight.

I then went and watched it by myself. When he came in to get his clothes for baking in the morning he said to me, "thanks for ruining my Christmas present." In regards to me watching batman anyway.

He ruined it himself, and this is day two of him giving me the silent treatment.
Tippitoe Tippitoe
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

You go, girl! Don't deal with that ****. I work with kids as well and that is a typical 4 year old tantrum!