If He Doesn't Get It Now, He Never Will

He can't save money. He's under my parents roof with cheap rent, yet he's taken advantage of it by smoking and drinking more heavily. He had two jobs and still never had $10 to his name. I can't control my anger with him anymore, he's 25 and I've never had anyone love me as much as him, but I can't deal with this. You know how much I've saved? $15,000. I want a boyfriend that for once would be able to pay for my meal when we go out. I've been so patient with him, and try to help him but he ignores that. Then when I get angry at him, he tells me I don't help him or worse, he'll give me the silent treatment and walk away like I'm being a huge ***** for having a go at him.

If he can't figure it out when he's 5 years off being 30, he never will. I need to prepare for the worst and break up with him once I build up the strength. The only thing that holds me back is I don't wanna be alone. I work with women, and don't have any friends... The only way I used to meet guys was when I smoked. Now I feel like everything is hopeless for me :(
Tippitoe Tippitoe
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Hang in there. Obviously leaving him is the best thing. Someone is out there for you.

yeah I go through the same thing, except we live in different apartments. The next similarity is that part with him not getting it. It seems no matter how much you waste your breath or try to take time to explain your point , its futile in the end. And did I mention , it winds up being my fault and reasoning of why w.e the case it happening. Awesome isn't it? if I could live alone and not need a mate i would.

I hope some things goes well for you and you can decide.