Relationship Problem

Boyfriend and i have been together 5 months now,recently hes been different towards me.since we met weve always rang and text eachother all the time every day,get on so well.weve been so smitten with eachother,then last 3 wks hes not been the same to me or in his texting,hardly txts and hardly calls me.ive had a good chat with him over this and asked does he want to finish cause it doesnt feel like he wants to be with me anymore.he says he wants to be with me,hes got problems of his own but wount discuss them like he normally does.ive given him space ive stopped the texting him n calling him first for the last week and still he'l text me a few texts a day but very short and blunt texts.i dont know what to do coz i really like this guy and ive tried everyfing with him to get him to come round and be fine with me but no luck.x

suz1984 suz1984
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

My best bet is that If a guy is doing that to you you deserve better! :)