I Come Second.

my boyfriend is always blowing off plans with me to see other ppl. i feel like hes bored with me. he keeps talking about our future together and talks about marrying me and im suppose to be getting a ring in the next few months. idk if hes serious about marrying me if he keeps putting me 2nd to his friends. help me out
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Hey. Wait a minute. You are how old?<br />
What about life? Are you so ready to settle for a person who does not even want to be with you now? Why? This world is so big. So many exciting things to do with people who want to do them with you. Yes, you are worth being with. Find someone who thinks so too.

Totally agree with Mollicoddle<br />
If he does not wanna spend that time with you then im affraid to say its time to move on i just had this with my fiance who i now no longer with she started being to busy the days we see each other that & keeping secrets from me & why because it does not concern me & has nothing to do with me!! But as far as i can see if we getting married things like that do concern me let alone you dont hide things from someone you gonna spend rest of your life with. Get out now before you get your heart smashed into millions of pieces beleive me it hurts but as long as you remember its for the best i deserve better you will survive i promise

I can relate. I cried almost every night. I cried myself to sleep. :( If only he can understand my feelings too. I talked to him and he cant seem to comprehend. I researched about how to understand my boyfriend more and I found this site. My beautiful distracton. <br />

A boyfriend who doesn't want to spend time with you and would rather be with other people is a sh*tty boyfriend. Why invest emotionally in that? Maybe find someone who DOES want to be with you? Gotta be better for your self esteem huh?

Im going thru the same thang but mines much crazier. The guy im datin moved me out of town and havent took me n e where all i do is stay in a room all day and look at tv hehavent try to show me n e thang. the only time he wants to do sumthing with me is wen his brother takes his wife out