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I have this friend that has alot of other friends. I really want to seek a social life out of this friendship: because if i had one, i'd have someone to talk to right now that would be on my side and made sure I was ok. I want that from someone right now more than anything. Since I may not have that presently, I've decided to dish here to people that will probally understand.

What happened tonight was weird. I'm not sure what it was but I think that I was not wanted. The weird thing was I was invited to come but i ended up leaving in fury for being the third wheel. It makes me want to cry just thinking about what happened tonight. I'm not sure that I want to talk about it because my friends friend was being such a ***** to me. It seemed like she only cared about herself. Her Intention? Well to f*** my friend I guess. I  thought we where all friends and just chill. If I knew about them I would have mentally prepared myself and handled it better.

This party that my friend invited me to was another one of her friends. I socialized but felt a little shy so I decided to hang out with my friend that invited me for a while. Her and her freind were making out.  when i said I was uncomfortable her friend that she was making out with started talking to me and told me that i was sexually oppressed and if i can't deal with it then whatever. I wish she would have just understood I was uncomfortable and just stopped.

I was also sort of surprised when after I left that my friend did'nt text me to ask if I was ok. I wonder if she's mad at me, if so well she's gonna have to understand how i feel.

I feel like this friendship has been crumbling lately.  She listens to different music, She's going really fast into relationships- I just want to break free and make my own friends and start dating but go slowly into that( past bad experiences i want to try and avoid).  It seems as thought she sees me as a good friend but i'm starting to wonder and want to know how she really feels. I also would like to say how I feel too so perhaps my anger can smooth over that I have been having lately. The think thats a big road block is that she does'nt seem to do well with confrontment. No body does I suppose but I want to know honestly whats going on and be open and not angry about it. What should I do? by the sounds of it you all maybe see it as being toxic? I've been friends with her for a long time, so if i were to break it off then how do I recover?

Thanks for the positivity and the suggestions,

be nice no negativity please.


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If you did speak with her openly,in no way comfront her,I think it would be good for the two of you,from your post,i.m.o.you and her are not drifting apart,if she is going into relationships to fast,she could be making mistakes,but by standing by her,you could gently try and keep her right by mentioning to her now and again,its best for both of you to stay good friends.good luck