I think that since I have been in this emotionally abusive relationship, for a couple of years, I have gotten used to the illogical statements from my husband.

Tonight I am being blamed for the roaches in the cupboard. He said that they were there because I did not clean the refrigerator. I did not understand that correlation at all. Did they all jump out of the refrigerator and then make a B-line to the refrigerator because of me somehow? That doesn't make sense.

Next, he told me in a most serious voice that I "endanger our son by feeding him only frozen meals and by forcing him to live in a pigsty." My other major fault is that I keep taking our son to church and that I am teaching him that it is okay to cry because he sees me cry.

He told me that I am hurting him by not making him a man, because I let him see the weak side of me. "You coddle him all the time and cut up his food!" I reminded him that he just turned four and that I gave him the Heimlich maneuver last week when he choked on a hotdog.

His response: Well, you can't prevent him from choking.
My response: What?

Again, I repeat, I think I have gotten used to his illogical statements. In fact, I think that I expect them. Unfortunately, I think I am going crazy because of this and I am not kidding. I think that my red flag warning signals are no longer working. I think I have become mentally ill to some degree because illogical statements, as well as disparaging statements are commonplace in this household, and I dare say, that I seem to feel quite comfortable with them. I have become crazy.
lisaandshasta123 lisaandshasta123
Aug 19, 2014