I have to figure out how I got this way. I used to be a very independent woman. I had a job, I was pretty, and I had outside interests.

I think my codependency problem with my son's dad occurred because I thought I was making the right decision to stay with him for my son.

I knew when my son was an infant that he was not 'daddy material or husband material." Yet, I was afraid that my son would tell me at an older age that he hated me for leaving his dad.

I was afraid that if I left my son would not know his dad.

Gotta go, my son just woke up.

Good night everyone.
lisaandshasta123 lisaandshasta123
2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Its better that your son doesnt have a dad than having your son being abusive to other women just like his dad because this type of situation where the farther is abusive can influence the child's behaviour and personality.

And if your husband kills you then what??..You need to get out of that relationship...Do it for yourself and your son..