GOOD NEWS I am not having an episode of depression today, and I was able to write down on a piece of paper what I would like my life to look like without my son's father. It took awhile to dream big.

The inner me kept saying, "You can't do that!"
I decided to push that negative thought out of my head and dream on.

I decided to put in job applications in places that I can take my kid. I chose various daycares and I even went to one to drop off my application--I emailed my application to the rest of them.

Well, when I arrived, I was told that they already hired someone, but I was still proud of myself for going to the place especially since it took several buses to get there.

I don't have someone to babysit my son so when I get a future interviews I will have to take him with me. Hopefully, because I am applying at daycares, the interviewers will have a bit of compassion for me and not see it as negative that I have to bring my son.

What else am I supposed to do--just not apply anywhere?

No. I am tired of not having my own money and my own life. I am going to continue to apply to jobs until I get one.

I was really lucky that my son had a good attitude when we dropped off that one application. We had to walk a little bit after we got off the bus, but I told him that we were going to a place that had "lot of fun kids to play with." I also promised him a treat at Circle K.

I am really lucky that he was a good sport. I hope it will always be this easy to bring him to interviews with me.

lisaandshasta123 lisaandshasta123
Aug 21, 2014