Doubts Ruin Faith

I've been religious from the beginning of my life I guess. My father is a priest. And I grew up to believe, not because of my upbringing but because I searched and found it was true to me. But then I started having doubts, I thought there were contradicting things in the bible and in my religion in general, I'm a Christian Orthodox. I was fighting for a long time, but at some point I gave up. I said that there is no God. I don't believe he exists, at least not for me. I respect other people's believes and faith.
But then again, without the belief in something greater than you, how can you deal with what life brings to you? So I tried to believe again, but in vain. Faith is believing in something that has no logic in it, it can't be explained rationally, but my mind could not put aside my logical arguements.
I'm still trying to believe. Sometimes I go to church, but I don't feel anything. Most times, I get bored and leave before it's over. Anyway.
But I have a question. Do people really pray and then get answers? Because I never had that feeling that I'm being guided towards something after I prayed. People say, God will show you what to do. I never saw anything. And I don't like the answer that I had my eyes closed. Anyway. Just saying, that I can't have faith anymore. I dont' agree with so many things. I find so many things contradicting, that I'm thinking to myself "come on! nobody else sees this?"
Just saying...
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There are no contredictions, show them i will explain them to you.
God doesn't give you a clear anser for things, i have never really heared or felt a thing of god but i have a special way to see he's there.
I see al the satanism in the world, all the whichcraft works, the numberology ( example. jezus was crusified by 2 others to make 666 because they were all man but because jezus he was also god so he broke it to 676 and so defeated the devil in a mathematical way. 9/11 stands for the to go over god directly above god because 10 represents god and 1 is the begin and 0 the end what means god is the beginning and the end and the world doesn't want god so they want you to pass over god so if you have a emurgancy you call for help above god what represents satan), symbolism (all seeing eye on the dolar and 50 % of the trademark logo's, apple logo his bit out of the apple, all the appearing pentagram's in everyday tv commercials and other stuff), rituals ( the suport of prostetution, baby sacrifice, violence, praying to snakes, cutting, and lots more).
I see something really evil being worshiped and it shows it's effects and i believe there has to be a oppisite force and that's god.
Although he shows himself countless times in proficies who have been forfilled every singel time correctly, i can see and feel the oppisite reaction so that shows there is a oppisite action to that dark power. That motivats me enough to find the truth.

I hope this helped a bit for you.
And i will spray for you so look for him in a different way, then you might find him.

I too am a Greek Orthodox Christian and also went through a period of doubt. My logical mind saw contradictions and absurdities in every facet of my chosen religion. What made it worse was that this chosen religion was a cultural choice made, not by me but my ancestors in the dim and distant past. However, what I found even more absurd was the alternative. As you say, if there is no God then the next logical conclusion is that our lives are nothing more than random happenstance. There is no purpose or reason for me being here. I found this truly troubling so I went back to my religion and looked at it for what it is. The physical expression of faith. It has its flaws and inconsistencies but, for me, it works.

I have never had my prayers answered and I’ve never experienced any connection with God but I do feel a sense of comfort and solace in my beliefs. Perhaps that’s all religion is meant to give us, that inner peace, that sense of purpose. I no longer go to church expecting to find answers or guidance, simply a feeling of belonging.