Hey, i'm new to this so i have no idea what i'm doing but here goes..


Ive just moved from the middle of Scotland to the top of Scotland.... I miss my friends so so so so so so so much its unbelieviable.. I came to my new school and i made some friends, one of whom is my second cousin. Everything was great, so i thought but now they pretend to like me to my face but i can hear them talking about me behind my back, they say horrible things and then say they were joking.. theyre not.

Once one of them was really, really horrible to me and told me i should go find new friends and bla bla bla but the next day she said she was sorry, after that everything was good again until about a week ago, i dont know what happened but theyre being hoorrible again.. sometimes theyre nice and i reallly like them but to be honest i just dont know!! I just feel like crying all the time ): Its horrible, i just want to lead a normal life with friends i can trust and love but it doesnt seem to be happening.. there is other really nice girls i talk to but i dont want to take the step of asking to go with them for lunch ect.. i know everyone will say, " those other friends are no good!!  talk to the other girls!" but its not that easy.


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Hope things improve.

Unfortunately, life's like that at times.