Can't Stop Thinking About It

Sex with my husband was awesome before his accident; pretty horrible since then.  Now that I've crossed the line with the hair-toucher and the tall cool drink of water I now realize what I've been missing all these years.  And I can't stop thinking about it.

Hair toucher was rough and dominating, but he was committed to my pleasure.  We did not have intercourse - wanted to save something for another time.  Then the opportunity presented itself with the tall cool drink of water and I went with him; hair toucher thinks I went home.

The tall cool drink of water talked to me and I talked to him.  We complimented each other, he told me over and over how hot I was.  We played and cuddled and he brought me to ****** over and over and over.  We eventually did have intercourse despite our best intentions; just couldn't restrain ourselves and it was fabulous.

And now it's all I keep thinking about . . . especially the tall cool drink of water.  He was so comfortable and purposeful and skilled.  Our encounter was purely physical, but so powerful that it is emotional for me.  Doubt if the same is true for him but how would I know?  We've exchanged e-mails but haven't really talked.  I'm steering clear of the topic, don't want to seem like a stalker or clingy.

So I just keep reliving the encounters in my head.  I remember hair toucher half-fondly, half with regret.  I know I have the upper hand with him and can rely on his skill in the future.  I am not so certain about the tall cool drink of water because it became emotional for me - not that he knows that either.

The boys are back in a couple of weeks.  Not sure what happens next.  Do I keep them both on the string, cut one of them loose, or go back to playing the martyred-married woman and spend the rest of my life in a sexless marriage? 

Of course there is option 4 and I paint my stalker into a corner, but NO ONE seems to think that's a good idea . . . . . .

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Get as much as you can, keep them all on the string and add more. Get as much as you can, physically and emotionally, for one never knows if this is their last day on earth. I was severely injured in a head-on collision and took years to recover. If I was permanently disabled, I would want my wife to have what she needed, I just love her that much. True love is--- the first thought you have is not of yourself but your lover and their happiness.

Lucky!!!<br />
I would KILL for a night of an awesome physical encounter with someone. I've never had good sex, ever. I married my hubby at the age of 19, he was 21. Likely far too young. I had sex with one other man, and it sucked too.