Fragments of Hope

I have written an entry that sums up our own story of going through IVF.  I hope that it will help others understand and feel encouraged.  Check it out:

DavidWillows DavidWillows
2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you liked our story. Juliette and Lea were born at 32weeks and, after a tricky start, both are now fine. They are lively, curious, bilingual twins! <br />
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Wishing you all the best as your own story unfolds.

Wow - that is brilliant and will undoubtedly give hope to lots of people and how great to hear about treatment from a male perspective.<br />
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We may not have been on that motorway with you (and I have a feeling that it was not too far from where we live) but we both understand exactly how you both felt in that moment. Our Stable as you call it may have been our bathroom and a home pregnancy test but the emotions seem as though they would have been the same.<br />
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I noticed that the story was first published in 2006 so I am sending lots of well wishes to you and your family. We are currently 30 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting the big "B-Day".<br />
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