25 Years & Problems

My wife & I have been married almost 26 years. She is the love of my life and (I know it's overused) my true soulmate. Recently she has become fast friends with a man that she works with. He is in an out of town location & she's his customer service rep. My 1st impression of the guy was sleezeball, which I kept to myself. She gave him her cell number and they talked for 3 hours the 1st time he called. He now comes to her office every month or so for meetings. When he does she goes out, with a few others from the office, with him. The last time she was out until almost 1 AM. She says a "group of them" went back to his motel after the restaurant/bar they were at closed at 10. They call each other almost every day on her commute home (her phone & mine share minutes). She continues this even though she knows it's upsetting to me. I've explained to her that in my short marriage prior to ours, my now ex was saying the same thing until I found she & her "friend" were sleeping together. She's never given me reason not to trust her until now. Now to top it off, she's going to a mardi gras ball with her female boss on valentine's day. She agreed without even talking to me about it. I have always tried to make valentine's day special and I'm taking her to a concert  by her favorite singer in 2 weeks as my gift. She says it's a mid-life crisis, but I don't know if we'll survive until it's over. I guess I really needed to vent, if anyone has anything they could contribute, I'd love to hear it.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

I wouldn't look for trouble unless I had more to go on. If she was sharing this "talk time" with you- you wouldn't be worried. Why is it all of a sudden? that she has so much to say to some other guy? Are you doing your share to be her friend? Just something to think about. Either way, I'd sure find out what was up.