I Am Slowly Dying

so glad I found this! I am 29..turning 30 next month and my husband is 60. We have been together 9 years and have 2 young kids. Our daughter is 7 and our son is 2. I love this man with all of my heart. He has been my best friend and partner, however over the last year I have grown so much and I feel very unhappy with my marriage. I went back to school last year, after 10 years I decided to give college another try and really go after what I want. In doing so I discovered that I am young...lol I have been feeling so run down because of the life I have been living with this much older man. He doesn't like to go out anywhere anymore, so I don't go out either.
Anyway, I feel my youth slipping away and it is driving me crazy...I even feel depressed. I have told him we need to go to counseling ...he just shut me down and said he doesn't have time. I want my marriage to work, I love him but I don't know how much more I can take. He works and sleeps all day ....there is no communication and NO SEX. I have began to take off on the weekend with the kids for a few hours just to get out, I thought he would feel lonely and ask to join us, but instead he enjoys his time alone at home so he can sleep. He has become so grumpy it gets unbearable. I resent the fact that he wants me to understand that he is old and gets tired, but he wont understand that I am young and have needs....not just sexually but I need to feel loved and like I exist!! I love him and the family I have created with him, but I am dying!!
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add me too plsss!!

Sounds like the relationship I had with my second child's father. He was 16 yrs older than me. I had been divorced from my husband a little over a year. Husband had got on drugs and put me through hell. So I had decided the next person I dated was gonna be a total 180 degrees from my ex. I wanted a nice, mature, man that I didn't have to worry about anything with. I had even said I wanted a nerd. Well that's what I got. In the beginning it was nice to be with a nice man. I had just wanted to go out have a nice time and be treated well. Was not planning on a future. Then I got pregnant. He was very supportive. Took care of me and our child. But somewhere along that time he stopped talking and listening to me. When I would try to bring it up he would make a joke outta it. He had gotten where he wasn't very interested in sex any longer. Tried everything. But there is only so many times you can be rejected before you too loose romantic feelings for your partner. We were at the point of having sex only 2-3 times a year! After the communication and sex was gone he began to annoy me. I tried to always stay in the other part of the house just to be away from him. I was miserable. I felt stuck. But I knew that if I couldn't picture myself still with him when I was 80yrs old then I didn't need to be with him. It was hard breaking it to him. But I had to leave. Staying would've just prevented both of us from finding our own true loves.