We just got married - 7 months ago. We had been friends prior to marriage not close or anything just kept in touch. Ever since we've been married I feel my husband has changed. He wants everything his way either it be food the way the house is cleaned or organized or the way I talk or dress. It's frustrating. I'm at a point in my life where my career hasn't taken off yet so I'm under a bit of stress. He just started working 2 years ago and doesn't like work period. He complains about everything!!!!! He has no patience for anything and wants things to change immediately and for him. We moved recently to a different country. He just got another job. It's slower than his previous. His colleagues are much older. We had gone through pros and cons before coming and decided this was the place to be. Now he comes home everyday complaining and whining and crying about his job and about moving here. He's constantly complaining he misses his parents and friends. There's only so much I can put up with. I can only be nice for so long. When I say something he doesn't want to hear for instance, " grow up ur not a boy anymore, behave like and adult" he takes his aggression or ill mood and displaces it on me like I'm the one to blame for everything. I don't know wat to do. I feel like ever since I've been married I'm hitting rock bottom and want to commit suicide. Please help.
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This was written in January of 2013! Please respond to me. I am here to help you. No matter what. I will not judge and I will be in your corner

Do not commit suicide! If you need ANYTHING, I am here. What country did you move to and what are your and your husband's backgrounds?