Crazy Ex Wife

My live in boyfriend and I of 6 years recently called it quits after the last straw(his crazy ***** ex wife) broke the camel(me)s' back. She was and continues to be a control freak about him and everything that goes on in his life. All of his family is aware that she is certifiable, as is he. She blamed me from the start for the demise of their marriage although I met him after he had left her(corrrection she threw him out). He gave it all to her and a hefty sum of child suppport per month. Until he was able to get back on his feet I helped him financially and assisted him in taking care of his 3 children with her. I bit my tongue for all those years and realized in the last incident that something violent would happen if I did not change our living arrangements. The children resented me from the start and she supported and encouraged that behavior. The children except the oldest were thrilled when he moved away but disappointed that the toys and pets I had accumulated for them and my child would not accompany their father to his new abode. The lesson in all of this is this; All the love in the world for someone(that we had and still have) will not make a crazy ***** reasonable. She would ratther see him dead than happy, she sought to ruin him financially, emotionally, and wanted him to suffer endlessly unless the arrangements were on her terms. If you really love the person live separately and date until the children with the crazy mate(male or female I am not sexist) leave for college or turn 18. This is the briefest summary I could tell you story after story.

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OMG it's my story too! Accept the kids are younger and they do like me but she tries to make them hate me. I am only 7 months into dealing with the crazy ex. I am trying to push through it but I can see where jumping ship is a serious option to consider at least until the kids turn 18, which for me would be a long time. <br />
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Thanks for sharing though.

If I didn't know better I would think you just told my very own story. The only difference is that you left and I admire you for that.

Some women just do not realize what they have until it is gone and they can't take responsibility for their own actions so they have to blame others. Good luck! Welcome to Ep btw!

Thanks for the support. It sucks pretty bad. I will recover as I hope my child will. He had been Daddy to them since very young.

I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. It really sounds like you did the right things. One person can only take so much from others. He should have done something about it since you were the responsible one and took care of him and his kids. He should have appreciated you more. Good luck.