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is anyone else having problems using the new ep page. cant answser the question, or do caption of the day
angelnot angelnot
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7 Responses Apr 23, 2009

where it say's announcments on the profile page, it say's new ep page, i just click on that

Hey angelnot. I'm still confused! Am I supposed to go to a different page when I start? A different address? I set EP as my homepage ages ago and all I have seen change lately is the design of the front page thingy.. I'm still getting the same EP as ever.. Are you going to a different addy to start, or just going to the same one, which looks different? It does look better at the start (less like a newspaper), but it doesn't matter to me as I just click on "sign in" as usual and then I'm back here in the "normal" EP, which works fine for me.

me too holoman, it's supposed to be an improvement but i cant even use the new homepage. i only found out about the new homepage from people talking about it on their stories.

There's a new page? Why did noone tell me? I just saw they had changed the design of the page you come to at the start before you sign in but I haven't been told I can change anything.. I'm confused.

wynhaven you always make me laugh...with that laugh...dodgy site!!!!!

yes it is newhippy, thanks wh

i have had that. theres no box to write in that what your getting?