I have been sick for the past 3 days and I recovered enough today so that I can do a little work. I went upstairs to grab something, rubbed my throat and said: "This is miserable, I wish my throat didn't hurt so badly." And my mom freaks out at me. I tell her that she is not being considerate of me because I am sick. Then she blames me for being a jerk. My birthday is tomorrow and she had said she would come to my school and bring me a lunch from somewhere instead of packing it. About 30 minutes earlier, she was being mean and I asked her to stop since I am still sick but she just said: "I don't care! You're being a jerk! I was going to take you for ice cream today but I won't now!" I said: "Come on! Please don't rub it in!" Then she says: "Now I won't bring you lunch tomorrow." I wanted to punch her and make her shut up, but I kept my temper. I don't want to hate my mom, but she is so difficult to get along with. Suggestions, comments and even your own story would be greatly appreciated.
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I totally understand that. My mom does the exact same thing. I honestly think she acts so petty. But I can't say so.
Even today I came home from school and saw that my baby brother had one of those milk bottles from McDonald's so I asked her if she went to McDonald's and she snapped at me and was like "Yea! To get something to eat!" and rolled her eyes at me. And all I did was walk through the door but oh well