Where Did The Spark Go?

My relationship most of the time, is amazing. We do everything as we always have, and yet something happened. We are not mad at each other, we don't fight much. We have been together about a year and a half. We used to be so close. It was like we could read each others minds. Able to finish each others sentences. We'd go get the same things at the same time, like something to eat or a pack of smokes. Even as far as we had to pee at the same time. After sex we would just hold hands smoking a cigarette and smiling like the most amazing thing of our lives just happened. miss him even if we were away from one another a day. I'd hug myself, thinking it was him hugging me. I know, I was trying to think realistically and not be so naive , but the first moment I saw him, I knew he was different from everyone else for some reason and after out first date, I was hooked on him like a drug addict his hooked on drugs. He was my peanut butter in my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
It was like we were meant for one another and nothing could ever stop us from being happy.

Of course then he moved away, we saw each other even less. Then I got a car. We see each other much more. However, no one thinks we are going to last. We could never last, I deserve better, and all that. Because he has no schooling, and he uses the work car for personal use. He's less of a man because of that. Maybe they have convinced me. He started getting angry more often, when i do things he doesn't understand why I did it, or it there was no reason, he gets annoyed. Maybe I have become a little afraid. He would never physically harm me, but he does hurt my feelings more. He just doesn't try anymore. We stay in all weekend, Okay, he is romantic like once every 4 to 6 months.lol. Sorry, its true. Of course he still makes me laugh like no one else can, he makes me happy usually. My bf doesn't think the spark is gone, but I have just put up a wall. I agree because he makes my life bearable when we are together. I love him, I can't see myself with anyone else. I just need to get back in the mind set I had 6 months ago. But how?
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sorry the spark has got up and left....get a spark going online,, it may spark up what you have a at home,,others have done it and it works,,,

It is always difficult to get back what was once there. We like to believe that the magic that was there early on will always be there no matter what. Reality is that the magic will sometimes diminish or completely disappear. Both sides have to work on maintaining a relationship and have to really work hard to keep the magic alive. Sounds like you are wanting things to be the same as they once were. Many would say that it is impossible. View it like a new experience that you once had. It is a wonderful thing and nothing could ever compare to it. But when you do it again and again the excitement wears off some. Doesn't mean it's not special or magical but the intensity is less. Couples can always find ways to keep the magic alive but it takes work on both sides. Maybe both of you have stopped putting the effort forth because we think things should just be. Talking is important and being honest is key. Hopefully you guys can find what you both think may be missing. Hope this helps.