okay so ive been dating this guy for about 3 months. and before he came along, whenever id date someone i would always have a rebound guy just in case we broke up id have someone to go to. well I honestly love this guy, hes amazing, but lately we've been fighting and so a couple days ago i met this guy ian and we've been talking everyday all day and im starting to like him. but i dont want to break up with my bf. Soo i need help as to what i should do.. :/
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if you like the 2nd guy , it means that you're not really into the 1st guy after all or maybe your seeing something from this guy no.2 that your bf is lacking. you're young be careful even if its a matter of heart youy still have to use your head ok? don't let yourself be badly heartbroken..

you're soo young no reason to commit now enjoy what a relationship provides you there is someone out there for you and u will meet when you least expect it

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