Don't No What To Do.

well i have been dating this girl for 5 months and she has 3 kids 17 14 12yrs. for a long time before we got together the kids had absolutly no discipline. and now I'm trying to get the kids to stop walking all over there mother. me and my gf have sat down and worked out a chore schedule and the different degrees of grounding they will recieve if they break the rules or not do what they are told so on so forth. well not that it is in effect every time i ground them for breaking the rules and doing stuff that they no that they are not aloud to do the mom lets them off grounding super early and with just a pat on the hand. i need some advice because this is destroying out relationship
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1 Response Jul 24, 2012

those are the rebel age, maybe it's hard but it is something you have to accept since they are her kids. if you can't just try to work it out and if still doesn't work out maybe it's never meant to be.. try to be friends with them maybe..