My Crazy Husband

I am married to a recently separated former Marine. Being a Marine doesn't mean anything positive or negative, it is just what he was doing for 8 years. We got married in a rush and then almost immediately he was talking to other women and cheating. From constantly trying to push me out of base housing to leaving for days at a time and not coming back, he has been a nightmare. He has his sweet moments when I feel happy and this is the person I truly married. However, there is an evil devil side of him that is present more frequently that I can't deal with. He is not religious and I am a devout Christian. He keeps a lot of secrets and blames me for everything wrong with his life. I only stay for the good times because somehow I know the person I married is deep inside there somewhere. Right now he is a mess. He is angry at the world and does not talk to anyone. Before he was an alcoholic and was drunk and violent on weekends. Now he has quit drinking but is a miserable mess. His moods and drinking do affect my life in a huge way. I have checked out apartments and have considered leaving him. It would be easy to leave, just pack and leave. I could probably move on but I am not sure if that is the right thing to do. He has been violent a lot and we could never have children in this relationship. I hope things get better but they probably won't.
amyinfv amyinfv
Aug 26, 2012