I Need My Space.

Probably some of the most powerful words. When your the one saying them its you telling somebody in the nicest way possible, get away from me..I need a break from you. But when there being said its either hurting somebody because they don't feel the same way or its giving them that little push to move on. Being told you need space isn't something uncommon. But being told that by somebody you thought the feelings were mutual with can kinda maybe break your heart a little bit. It's like after so long how do you know how long they were just 'putting up' being with you or even just hanging out with you? You don't. You have to understand and respect the persons want for that space but when the space builds up a huge wall between you two, what do you do then? Chase after them like you always do? Or give them a reason to miss you? Maybe flip the script? But then again why play games? I'm full of questions and nobody will answer them.
idk624 idk624
18-21, F
Sep 26, 2012