"Okaay- I've been with ryan for two years now, and all we've ever done is argue. We have some really good times, but we don't talk anymore. I can't open up to him, I can't tell him anything, if I do we just argue, I'm depressed all the time, my mum and dad say we're not suited, when we're on a "break" I'm bubbly and happy, he doesn't say those amazing things you say to the one you love, we don't go out and have good times, we shout and swear at each other, and tonight I told him I don't think I love him anymore. We have done everything possible to try and make this work and took one problem at a time, but we just end up arguing and stuff, but as soon as I say I give up, he sends me a message saying he loves me and then I feel guilty, but I don' think he types it meaningfully, I think he just writes it cause he knows I'm wrapped round his finger. I've been asked to go out with a few guys to the cinema and stuff and I want to, but I'll feel bad. I've told him I want some space just now, but we had space two weeks ago. What do I do? I'm scared if I move on, no one will want me or love me the same way I'm in tears and I just need a hug"

Yeah I found this, it was sent from my girlfriend to one of her male friends and I have absolutely no idea how to approach the situation. She knows I've seen it and she said she was "confused". The relationship has been shaky for ages but still. She is my everything and i have no idea what to do. Help from a third party would be greatly appreciated.
RyanMcK RyanMcK
Oct 14, 2012