Is This Wet Match Going To Re-ignite?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost five years in April. We have been living together for about four of those years. He is almost everything I could want in a man. He is smart, funny, nice and takes good care of me. Not to say that I don't do my fair share. I work at a local news station. He is a teacher and a coach. Problem is our hours don't really match he works all day and usually comes home around seven thirty. I go into work around four thirty and come home after midnight.

So we have a problem or I have a problem.,And It is not a recent problem. (Forgive the bad grammar and poor writing). Seems like our sex life is in the toilet. I am 25 and he is 27...but we have sex maybe once a week. A lot of times it will be longer in between. Maybe once a week would not be so bad if I actually got off when we had sex, but I don't. It has gotten to the point where sex is almost just for him. I mean I really don't get anything out of it. He knows that i don't get off and it bothers him but I try not to press the issue because when I was upset about it, it only made things worse.

I have always been a very sexual person. I feel that I love my boyfriend but I don't know if i could be happy with him the rest of my life. I mean I am pretty sure senior citizens have more sex than I do. I feel like I am wasting my youth with someone who just is not as sexual as I am. I wonder what I am doing wrong. Why does he not want me? I know we are both busy and tired. I just got my new job a few weeks ago, things only get worse and the sex is just awful.

Do I have unrealistic expectations? I want a passionate relationship, I know that it can't be like that all the time but i have been living with a wet match for so long. I need more than a friend, I need a lover.
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I guess I thought this website would offer advice or support of some kind, another disappointment.