hi am josh and have a problem of trust. am living with a girl whom i dont trust lately. i used to trust her but these days she is full of lies. i have been with her for four years. i had wanted to quit but she always tells me she loves me and would like me to marry her. can anybody tell me what i  should do, because a relationship with no trust is not worth living

joshuapadi joshuapadi
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A relationship with no trust has no foundation. I personally wouldn't pursue it. There are honest women out there, Josh. You're going to be so relieved when you are in a relationship with one.


yes i totally agree find a hobbie ,its very painfull what your going thru cause im going thur the same thing i dont trust my boyfriend and i just dont have it in me to just walk away i love this man but its obvious that he doesnt love me back,we both have issues his mom beat him as a kid so its hard for him to get close and ive tried but with little luck,we is on a dating site i saw him on zoosk he said he isnt a paying member so then i said if there is nothing to it then take yourself off well i looked today and he is still on there cause it says recently online,we do not live together and this is what he does when he isnt with me.

take a break for a month until she misses you again and stops lying.<br />
<br />
in the meantime you go find something / someone that is worth living for...not necessarily a replacement gf, but a new hobby, so that if you do decide to officially break it off with her, you'll have a good distraction/have something to keep yourself busy.

Buddy a relationship without trust is not worth it. And there must be a reason u dont trust her?