Girlfriend Sending Emails To Her Ex


I would like to know your opinion on this.

Recently, I was sitting behind my girlfriend while she was checking her emails. I was watching t.v. but as I glanced at the screen (yes I was curious) I noticed she had emails from a guy I'd never heard of.

Later that night I asked who he was and she told me it was a guy she used to go out with for a few months 2 years ago. She said she hadnt spoken to him in over a year, and that they started writing to each other a week or so ago, after she sent him an email telling him she had a dream where he was in...

She acted surprised that I was a little affected by that fact. I just can't picture myself doing the same (sending an email to tell  my ex I had a dream about her...), unless I do want to ignite a sparkle and start flirting again with her. She insists it's innocent, that she doesn't see him "that way".. Anyway, am I the only one thinking it's a little weird and that it looks like the first step of some kind of flirt?



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how long have you been together?<br />
<br />
sounds like you are both getting too comfy with each other...not a good sign.<br />
<br />
you need to make yourself irresistible and a challenge again.<br />
<br />
she should have told you that her ex wrote when she got the email, instead of hiding it from you.<br />
<br />
if they keep talking/emailing. drop her like she's hot.

You might be right, then again, If it were me, I wouldn't give any indication that I was upset over it.. Unless you have felt other things that might mean she is stepping out, or getting ready to step out. See if you can get her to just talk, no yelling no accusing , just talk.. Try keeping that spark that you have, but if this is the only thing you know about and don't have any other negative feelings about your relationship, let it go.. If she is important to you, let her know that, by doing little things she likes. Let her know , she is the center of your life. Also don't concentrate on him, only her. If you should feel like there might be something to this, then talk to her about it, but only if you feel like you are second, or<br />
there might be something brewing out there. Just take it one day at a time, but stay alert.. :) All the Best and hope I have helped in some way. :)