Well I am in a relationship with a very strong, smart, and all around great woman. We first started dating a year ago and I knew getting involved into the relationship invovled myself getting involved with her son, and her soon to be adopted 2 neices. I thought that I could handle my new resposibility but life has become a lot harder and the relationship feels like it would have been a lot stronger if we dated for a few years before I decided to commet to these kids which I am starting to grow attached to. Well I guess I'll start with what I think the problem may be, during the first couple of months of dating she cheated on me with her high school sweatheart, she told me she thought she wanted to be with him but said after she cheated relized that he was still as inmature as he was in high school. I told her that I forgave her but I'm not sure I do, my trust with her is improving but I have some doubts. I really want this relationship to work, I want to marry her, but is that the right thing? Do to an injury at work and with the comitment I am starting to give these kids I have changed a little in the relationship, kind of turned into a jerk. I think it might be due to a little bit of cabin fever, once I can get back to work and can start working out again I think the happy go lucky me will return.

She tells me she loves me, but I wonder some times. She recently just cut all contact with her parents ( who have been divorced since she was 5) they do nothing but tell her she is worthless and they never come and see their grandson. Her mom thinks that her drug addicted daughter is better off raising the kids than my girlfriend is who doesn't even drink or smoke. She basically doesn't have any family, and her connection she had with her son's dad's family has stopped. She left him because he never showed any attention to her son until I came along and started taking him to the beach and basically just hanging out with the kid. Her son's dad basically became jealous knowing I was spending more time with his son so he started wanting more visits.

I have lost something with my girlfriend, I want to get it back. I don't know how to approach her about it. I have tried, we have both talked about how that we are not as connected as we once were. Is it over? or do I need to stick it out? I want to, I really want this relationship to work. Maybe I'm just not able to love her or the kids the way she needs me to. I'm depressed, I'm lost, and I want to be normal again. PLEASE HELP!!!

sonic054 sonic054
26-30, M
Apr 4, 2010