Financial Issues

I was doing pretty good and had some funds given to me (inheritance) but it's gone. Had paid off everything and my credit score was looking really good but now it's tanked badly and I don't see it ever getting better. While I still have a job (a good one), I panicked and took out payday loans and made mistake of selling my car (which was paid for and I had no car note). There are other debts and while I want to pay things off, it's hard to do when it's like I am robbing peter to pay paul. Been trying to find second job (temporary for few months) which would help me pay the debts off, but no luck.

Seems like I am thinking/worrying about things everyday. I am fortunate (and blessed) that I have a good paying job, a place to stay but would just like to get rid of debt. Disappointed I didn't handle money better.
jinx1965 jinx1965
May 5, 2012