Rotator Cuff Repair- Part 3

Ok, Im at 5 weeks post op and still working on the ole arm! It's going well. I had an appointment with the doc today. He was happy enough with my progress but did say I need to work harder on the external rotation. That's elbow bent at my side and going out....

It's still really tight. I get a lot of soreness and some achiness with the shoulder and arm but part of going through recovery. I can now go without sling for hours at a time in the house. Then I get tired and put it on. I still cannot raise my hand to head or behind back.

Im continuing assisted range of motion exercises 3 times a day. Try to do three, sometimes only two...but I do a lot of household chores that I really shouldn't do yet, but feel I have to. So I feel I compensate.

I started doing pendulum exercises too. I feel it really loosens the shoulder and it relieves some of the ache and tightness for me. I also added a pulley like exercise for shoulder flexion, going straight up with the arm. I didn't have a pulley so I take a jump rope around my banister and sit on the floor. I hold on to the rope on end in both hands and pull my effected arm up with good arm. These are hard but it's helping.

So that's about all the news now. I will wear the sling about another week or so and then I can gradually wean myself away from it as I strengthen the arm again. Will add more later!
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

It will get better I have had rotator cuff repair last year and it does get better and easier. Just keep working on it .

Thank you for your comments!

Your welcome be strong IT DOES GET BETTER

Aww, thanks for the encouragement. :)

I think that's true :)

I think you need somebody to crack the whip at you to get you to do more PT. I volunteer....