Rotator Cuff Repair Part 4

So I'm almost at 7 weeks. I am free of the sling! Yeah!!! Only use it if I get tired. My arm isn't strong yet so once in a while it still feels good to keep it in the sling. So I haven't burned it yet.

I'm able to do more with the arm. My motion is better although still needs more work. I can brush my teeth now with my right hand. Feels so good. I think I got used to eating with my left so I find I switch back and forth. Which is interesting.

Still doing exercises and will continue with that. This is the first week I can really notice big improvements. Sleeping without the sling is so much better! Well everything is better! I almost feel normal again.

Will post more later.
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
Dec 8, 2012