Rotator Cuff Repair Part 5

Another update for all you guys following my shoulder surgery. I am at about 10 weeks post op now. I can say I am much improved. I think I have noticed the most improvement in the last 3 weeks than at any other time.

I still have soreness and pain sometimes. I get tired and still cannot lift much with this arm. I am doing more than I should this early but it's just the way it is with me and the things I have to do. This creates a lot of soreness and irritation. I do try to limit and by the afternoon Im really feeling it so I tend to stop using it!

Im still working on getting all the range of motion back. Im almost back, but raising my arm straight up is still limited, and that is still assisted movement. I can't reach the top of my head yet, almost there.

Patience is the key to this thing. I never imagined it would take so long to get back from this. I am happy for the progress Im making but am still looking at a lot of work ahead. I still eat with the left hand because it's too tiring to keep raising this arm. So still quite limited. I know Im doing a disservice by doing too much with it too soon. It's just really hard not to.

I can apply some weight to it now, but not full body weight. I can reach back a little not a lot. It's slowly increasing. I just happen to find out the progress as I dress or undress. That's when I miss the movement most.

So now, Im still doing the exercises for motion and beginning to work on strengthening.

I find massaging it helps the soreness. Hot showers help too. I try and move it some while Im under the water.

I can't wait for the next month to go by. I think I will feel so much better when I get this feeling of stiffness out. Very frustrating. I'm ready to exercise again! Need to run...Im craving a sweat and can't wait!!!
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sending you good juju

Thanks :)

So sorry you had to have this serious surgery, and so hoping you get 100% range of motion back soon, honey! I'm rather new to this story of yours. Can I ask you how you even got into the position of needing this surgery / sustaining this injury?

It was either yard work or working out at the gym...not sure. Thanks :)

Well you know I wish you much success in overcoming this. Only baseball pitchers usually get this injury....

Its rather common actually. You would be surprised.

Really!? To the point of needing surgery?

Yes, I have talked to several people, men and women. That's what happens when you get old!

LMAO. Yeah I hear you on that front! During the summer and early fall I was nagged by a sore arm - we think it was from constantly reaching up and back to the mantle to reach drinks down for the kids. We have tried to avoid me having to do that, and the pain has all but subsided. I actually felt a little today, after bowling a little yesterday....

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I would offer to make you sweat, but I'll refrain... ;)

Glad your shoulder is still improving!

Oh, how Ive missed my smartass! You have been gone far too long ****! :))