Needing A Little Encouragement...

Ok, so I moved to Colorado about two years ago to be closer to my fiance.  We dated over two years long distance (I was in Seattle, he was first in Nashville, then Denver).   Ever since I left Seattle I have put on almost 20 pounds.  I have never had this happen to me before.  I am getting really discouraged.  I was the biggest I have ever been on our wedding day and I hate to say it but everytime I look at our pictures I have a hard time looking past how big I have become. 

I will admit that my lifestyle has changed a bit since Seattle.  My husband is a meat and potato eater so I tend to prepare the comfort food meals more than I ever used to.  I never used to eat very much meat and would therefore eat more salads, beans and rice, veggies.  I do try and eat salads, beans and rice, etc throughout the day and save the husband friendly meals for the dinners we share.  I also never used to watch much tv but have fallen into the habit of a few movies a week with my husband.  We both work full time and are full-time grad students so it is nice to go home a relax for a couple hours a week.  My activity level has not changed much since Seattle.

Anyway, my self esteem has taken a dive since I've put on the weight.  I joined a gym and would work out three to four times a week in the morning before work.  This lasted a couple months until I fell sick one week which kept me home in bed and haven't found the motivation to go back.  Its been two months.  I am trying hard to get my daily share of fruits and vegetables, get plenty of fiber, and cut down on my portions at dinner.  I am at the point though where I feel stuck because I lack the motivation to wake up early enough to get back in my gym routine.  I know I need to because everytime I step on a scale I see the number higher than it has ever been and I feel ******.  I have a really hard time not being self conscious about how I look during most parts of the day.   I think I'm needing alittle encouragement to get my butt in gear and get to the gym.  I'm not sure what I'm really looking for, just someone who understands the frustration of watching the numbers on the scale slowly rise.  Someone to give me strength to get through those days when I do get back to the gym and I don't see the number declining like I would hope.  I need to get my lifestyle back to a healthier one!  I need to be held accountable for my own choices!

Thanks for listening and thanks for your support! 

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What're you asking advice for? Sounds like you know exactly what you need yo do! 90% diet 10% workout. Just be patient with yourself. One piece of advice though? Get that husband of yours to change his lifestyle with you. It'll be a bonding experience for the both of you and help with the dinner situation at home. Good luck sweetie!

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I have a skirt I want to wear for New Years. It fit me just fine 2 years ago. I started going through menapause and my weight started climbing. I dont keep a scale in the house so I try on a few pieces clothing that I love but are too tight. I am having a real time losing weight.Ive decided to get something as a gift (nothing big but something that I normally wouldnt spend money on. The very that you are reaching out for support is a good sign As far a eating goes I dont really eat much meat. So I am used to making a small meal for myself for me when needed. I am back on the treadmill but its slow going. Be patient with yourself and dont come down too hard on your self. If you wouldnt say it to someone else dont say it to yourself<br />
Be determined and reach out if you want to talk Best of luck

so, I had to share my progress so far. I have enlisted some friends of mine to go hiking with me. we went on a seven mile hike around three sisters this past weekend. I had such a great weekend because I got out (and i have to admit, my dog loved me a little more than usual too). I also started taking a weekly zumba class. While I felt extremely uncoordinated, I had a blast and walked out of the class feeling like I had a great workout. <br />
All of this brightened my attitude and my mood. Week 1 turned out great! Now, I hope my motivation stays with me in weeks to come...

Thanks shadowofDoubt. My husband and I are talking about starting to conquer all the 14ers in Colorado, which means starting with the easy ones but I still know I need to get in shape for those. Thanks for the reminder of the great opportunities outdoors here! I also like you idea of treating myself to a cute piece of clothing... I have just the dress in mind! Thanks!

you live in a beautiful state, take advantage of all the outdoor recreation it offers. or how 'bout buying one cute shirt or pant that you would like to wear, but cannot unless you lose the weight...i know it's a crazy way to go about it, but it is kind of fun to see the progress you've made by how much the pants fit or not...good luck!