Dream Involving Death, Ghosts, Mosters And Other Random Thigs, I Just Woke Up And Wrote This Then Posted It

i was in an old town, almost spanish, there was a big white stone building like st

patricks in carlow, but it was slightly diferent in size. there was a group of people

my age, all with black hair i wore a wig a black wig to impress them so they would

accept me, then one of them who said she liked me took my wig off me and said its ok

your hair is red, its golden, i just mean i dontl like blonde hair, i brushed it in

the light and the strands of hair glowed yellow like sunshine. then i was a young girl

in a spanish house with what appeared to be my father, there was a little boy spanish

and a girl who was spanish in a white dress and longish brown hair tied back but half

down. she had two indian parents. they showed my father a picture of a group of

people, all myhical, they said they all left together to give birth in the forest. the

picture frame was heavy. i llooked out the window and a red car crashed into a yellow

school bus to my right side in the dark, there was no lights or visible people in

them, then the parents said, where is sasha? i look around as a young girl and up over

the top of the house is suddenly open like a courtyard or beer garden, i see her ride

up slowly on a white horse whos feet i cannot see, she stared down at us with sparks

of white in her eyes from the distance i said look shes up there!! the turned to me

where is she you can see her? i said shes up there on a white horse. the mother said

is its feet touching the ground, and i said i cant see the feet, she turned riding

away slowly and lookingat me, i looked back at her aying where are you going? my

father catches my face an pulls me to his gaze he says i am so sorry everything is ok,

dont worry it will be fine. i am crying no where is she going and he hugs me, next

thing i know i see flashing imagges of a monster made of inflatable heat foam for

fixing cracks in houses. its a liqid monster and it spills into the house forming a

face and arms grabbing out at me, i see flashes of the spanish family dead with spikes

of inflatable foam through their faces, out their noses and mouths. i get out the

window dodging it and jump over walls back to my own house, which is spanish style i

open the door running in and the stove is on cooking somthing, all the lights are on

and the alarm for the stove is ringing, i say how long has it been doing that, then

the patio door opens and i slide behind it terrified, there are hairlike strings of

the foam as tin as hair breezing in the door testing to see where i am, i know if i

touch one by mistake or i dont see one and i walk into it or passed it, the monster

will know where i am and were in the house to find me, then scarily the spanish girl

appears and walks through the strings out the door, the strings follow her, she is not

transparent she is just slightly lighter in a slight glow of white she walks outside

like she dosnt see me and the strings follow her attached to her clothes, i run by the

patio door and im begging myself to wake up i know im asleep and i start pinching my

thighs and smacking my face and saying wake up now wake up now before it finds you, i

hide in the room that looks like the scullery room. the room is dark no lights but has

no door, i lean against the side of the door and curl up scared, i hear the door open

and a man talking and what appears to be a butler in my house, but there was nobody

there he says , is he here, no sir hes out at the moment, when will he be back, hard

to say sir. i felt like it was joking around that it knew i was alone and had no

person who answers the door, i see shadows of strings of inflatable hot foam comng

closer to the door, then in a way i closed my eyes believing i wasnt able to wake up,

and that it would get me, i closed them sadly, then opened them like i blinked, back

in my bed, fully awake.
clada clada
18-21, F
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Means you have trouble liking who you are and liking how your family are