My Dead Pets

I know this sounds really strange and really wonder if it happens to others. It all started about 2 or 3 yrs ago a very loved dog Jake past away. While he was alive he always slept on my bed right at my feet. He was a over sized boxer and I enjoyed him while he was alive and still miss him today. But I was never able to tell anyone this. after his death I still feel him on my feet laying aginst my leg. abut 2 weeks after he past he came to me in a dream licked my face and layed right by my feet butt it wasnt really a dream I was awake, I never woke up I was never asleep Im not really sure how to explain this. Anyway I had to get out of bed went to the bath room not wakeing anyone were I had a minor hart attack. nothing major I was found on the floor. but to this day I think Jake woke me for a reason like a garding angel on some thing like that. Im not one who belives in spirits but this experiance made me think, maybe there are.

One more insedent happened with anouther pet Ted E Bear was his name died of a tumor middle of last year, Jakes son. I had a dream this time a dream I was in my little brouthers truck and Ted was there and he was kissing or licking chris my bro. sitting in the middle seat where he sat all the time, that morning I told my mom and little bro to be carefull with out telling my dream to them. they ended up in a big wreck on the highway 5 cars, my little bro was out of it for a bit then woke up 5or so minutes latter and climed out his window. everyone in the wreck was fine ended up ok 1 guy did lose a leg tho but no deaths. Now I belive Ted was trying to tell me not sure but I found it strange

Sorry about the way my story reads I think its a little choppy at times I hope you can understand it, Im not that great of a strory teller

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I believe the close bond you had with your pets made it possible for them to come back and warn you. That should be a cherished gift. I lost my cat spooky a few months ago. I had him for 8 years and he was my life. He went every where with me. He was the most amazing cat. I would walk him every night for 8 years. The people in my neighborhood called him the cat/dog. Every body that knew me was amazed by him. I just wish that he would come to me in my dreams. I miss him so much. He enriched my life so much.

Always trust your dreams!