Taotao Guam

I am a Taotao'mona from Guam, raised in Hawaii until I was 14. As a cultured Hawaiian who can only wish my ancestors were among the original Hawaiian settlers I've got something to say that is important. A lot of times I hear people say, "I'm Hawaiian," but when I ask their Hawaiian last name they say, "I don't know," or some excuse like that. To you non-native Hawaiians: stop trying to receive an entitlement you don't deserve. If your ancestors weren't on one of the na waŹ»a kaulua with Hawaii's original settlers, don't claim it. Believe it or not, the native Hawaiians want to know your uniqueness; be proud of it. So may I suggest that when a person states his or her native Hawaiian ancestry they say their Hawaiian last names. Yours truly & Aloha!, Robin "Makua"
RobinMakua RobinMakua
Sep 19, 2012