Just Want To Be Loved

I love and feel good about myself when I can help my family members with anything ,or just to talk to and be there for my siblings and my mother! I never expect anything in return and it feels good to be there for family and friends,I rarely have any friends now a days because they have all showed there real inner personalitys and nothing but negative vibes or jealousy etc, I am true to my partner for 5 years and now it feels like hes drifting apart from me and lies to me and when we do spend time together in the same house its like hes physically here with me but not really because hes not even talking to me hes in another world and doesn;t talk to me about anything or how his day went watever, im at a breaking point where I am not going to get mistreated again and hurt by some one who doesn;t love me anymore and has betrayed me!
hawaiiangirl32 hawaiiangirl32
36-40, F
Jan 5, 2013