Heartache,pain, Betrayal And Love

relationships have there ups and downs and there is never such a thing called a perfect relationship, i am 36 yrs old and can never find a man who will love me unconditionally no matter what and be supportive of me as well, I just want to be happy and live life have a family get married and I get nothing but lies and betrayal, criticicizing me and making fat jokes because I gained a little weight i am 130pounds and tells me what happened to you ,you used to be so skinny and pretty, it really hurts me and destroys my self esteem alot where I become depressed and not social and I dont want to give in and let it get the best of me but its hard for me to get back on my own two feet ,
hawaiiangirl32 hawaiiangirl32
36-40, F
Jan 5, 2013